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Server status

DateDescription of the problem which has occured
01/02/2009 Some Web sites have been unavailable due to the migration from december 31th until today at 23h00.
12/31/2008 Server unavailable several times because of the migration process.
10/03/2008 Server unavailable several times between 21h30 and 23h30 for maintenance.
10/30/2007 Server unavailable from 00h00 to 08h30 due to a power failure.
10/29/2007 Server unavailable from 23h50 to 23h59 due to a power failure.
12/12/2006 Server unavailable from 03h58 to 21h01 due to an ADSL modem failure.
06/17/2006 Server unavailable from 08h00 to 11h30 due to a hard disk failure.
06/05/2006 Server unavailable from 11h34 to 12h05 due to a power failure.
05/27/2006 Server unavailable from 00h10 to 01h20 due to a power failure.
05/15/2006 Problems of display of this page.