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T.C.E.D.I. Open Visitors Management System


What's this?

As indicated by its name, T.C.E.D.I. Open Visitors Management System is a free and open-source visitors management system. It allows your visitors to register (check-in) when they arrive at your company premises (from a terminal), sign a non-disclosure agreement (can be disabled in the configuration, if this is not required for your enterprise) and obtain a visitor badge which is directly printed by the system. Before leaving, your visitors come back to the reception and check-out from the terminal. Receptionists have access to the list of the visitors in facility and may confirm the exit of a visitor who would have forgotten to indicate he was leaving the premises.

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T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update


T.C.E.D.I. Direct Uptade


T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update is an automatic update system via Internet.


It allows you to create an automatic update system for your softwares.


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T.C.E.D.I. Evolution


T.C.E.D.I. Evolution 2005T.C.E.D.I. Evolution 2005 is a software suite of tools which is going to facilitate your life under Windows®.


It allows you to access very quickly useful functions of your operating system and much more.


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