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The latest news from the T.C.E.D.I.

Vcom has been closed.


Vcom (Virtual Communication Systems) has just been closed definitively.

Thanks to all Vcom's users for their loyalty!!!

T.C.E.D.I. Global Web site released!


T.C.E.D.I. Global Web site has been released!!!

T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update (Non Free Version) released!


T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update Version (Non Free) has been released!


Go to the download page of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update to get it right now!!!

T.C.E.D.I. Evolution 2005 released!


T.C.E.D.I. Evolution 2005 has been released!


Don't hesitate anymore! Go to the download page right now!