T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update (Non Free Version)
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T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update Not-Free License
08 January 2006

This is the non free (as in speech) version of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update, the automatic update system via Internet. T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update allows you to create an automatic update system for your softwares.

Free : Yes
Open source : No
Minimum system requirements : Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Language(s) : English, French

For more information about T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update, go to the description page.

License Agreement

T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update Version not-free

Automatic update system by Internet.

Copyright © 2003-2006 by Jean-Denis Tenaerts. All rights reserved.

This version of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update is not free.
The software just as the documentation and the dependent files which accompany it are under copyright of Jean-Denis Tenaerts.
This software is provided just so, without any explicit or implicit warranty.

In no case shall the author be held liable for possible damages caused by the use of this program.
You can use this software and redistribute it by respecting the following conditions :

  1. let the notes of copyright or else which are present in the dependent files (Example of dependent files : Language files);
  2. do not modify the executable file of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update not-free version, and that, in any way that it is.

ATTENTION : T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update not-free version can not be sold but can be included in the package of a costing money software (to carry out the updates of that program).


This version of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update can be used and redistributed with a not-free software or a commercial software. If you desire to use it with a free software, it is recommended to employ the free version of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update. This last one is provided with the sources-codes and can be modified and redistributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Go on T.C.E.D.I.'s official Web site to get the free version of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update.
REMARK : The free version of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update can not be used or redistributed with a not-free software. To obtain more details on this point please consult the GNU General Public License (GPL) provided with the free version of T.C.E.D.I. Direct Update.
T.C.E.D.I. : Tenaerts Cyber Electronic Development Interactive
Official Web site :

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